XML & API development projects

Indigo have extensive experience in working with XML and API development. Indigo have been called in as a consultancy to unpick or unravel highly complex solutions with a view to integrate systems together.

XML Development

XML is widely considered as a universal language whereby complex, often outdated systems can 'output' into XML. This will more often that not provide an 'input' into a more industry standard web based solution. Indigo has extensive and varied experience in delivering these solutions. Our team of XML developers can be on hand to provide technical consultancy onsite or offsite. Our team is on hand to provide you with the XML expertise as required.

Indigo has experience around any range of the following services, which include :

  • advice on all aspects of the use of XML in publishing, including:
  • strategic reviews, technical audits, feasibility studies and business case development
  • project design, including DTD, schema and stylesheet design and development
  • data capture and conversion methods, especially using popular office word processing tools and professional page layout systems
  • editorial, content management and production system selection, integration and configuration
  • processing XML for paper-based delivery
  • processing XML for online and other modes of electronic delivery
  • introductory and advanced training in XML editing, DTD and schema writing
  • quality assurance in XML publishing projects

API Development

Behind almost every successful web application, there is an easy-to-use & feature-rich API as they simply help the main application to spread into others & reached by more users. An APi allows users to interact with a system without the need for a second login or opening up another programme. A uer simply switches from one application to another seamlessly and without much bother. This in a nutshell is the true benefit of API development and an area for which Indigo can add value.

Indigo have worked on several API development projects. These APIs can bridge the gap between complex systems which would otherwise not talk to each other. Indigo can provide the technical knowhow and drive to achieve the desired result in a short space of time. Our team of highly experienced developers can integrate widely used systems. Should your company require some assistance and guidance around API development or API integration which would otherwise seem impossible do let us know.

Gartner predicts that 75% of the Fortune 1000 will offer a public API by 2014, but the Your Trove survey indicates many of them still have a long way to go before their APIs become a competitive factor.

Some common systems for which Indigo have worked with include;

  • MicroSoft SharePoint
  • Google API
  • Oracle
  • SalesForce
  • IBM websphere portal
  • RedHat JBoss portal
  • Jive Portal
  • SUN portal
  • BEA weblogic portal
To find out more about any of our custom development services please feel free to contat us discuss your requirements.