iPhone & iPad Application Development

Indigo takes emmense pride in offering iPhone Application Developement. As an Authorised Apple Development Company we provide our clients with the re-assurance and confidence of conceptualising, designing and building iPhone Apps for your business. Our aim to make your iPhone App development journey to be as smooth as possible. As an Authorised Apple Development Company we can push your iPhone app through the strict rules that Apple applies to marketplace. Indigo has a full understanding of the iPhone development process and has experience in developing concept ideas to use the various tools that Apple has to offer on its mobile devices.

"We would like an App for our business?"

The No.1 iPhone App question we are faced with..

Indigo understands the complexities of iPhone Application development. However our clients sometimes know they want an App to do something. Indigo specialises in working with your concept and developing the idea to utilise many of iPhone great features to integrate with your application. These include the iPhone GPS module, the iPhone integrated camera, the bluetooth enabled iPhone devide, Google Maps. Indigo enjoys working with clients to develop the idea further, enhance the proposition and provide a great solution.

Deploying to the iPhone App Store & iTunes

In three words. 'We do it'.

When Indigo takes on an iPhone job, we include deploying the app onto iTune and the Apple iPhone App Store as a default. It's integrated within our process. We understand the ups and downs of the development and deployment method. Thats why we tell our client's - leave it to us. Once we have agreed the what should be delivered (which includes showing you a demo of the App) we go about our business of taking this App through the journey of being deployed onto the App Store.

Apple and the iAd Advertising model

For those in the know, Apple have released the next generation platform for iPhone advertising. This model allows any company to easily advertise on the iPhone mobile phone in a non-intrusive way. Indigo are familiar with this and believe this could be the next big thing in the iPhone mobile advertising arena. Indigo would be very keen to hear your requirements / ideas around this latest development for the iPhone.Apple iAd requirements should

So if your company has an idea for an iPhone application, why not give us a call to discuss your iPhone Application requirement. We can initially develop the idea with you or if you know exactly what you want we will simply help you to move it forward successfully. Give us a call on 020 8959 8337 or send us an email on info@indigoideas.co.uk.