Content Management Systems (CMS)

Spare a thought about all the data that is there on your website. Weíre not just talking about the textual content, what about the images, graphs, tables, user inputs, flash presentations, audio material, video footage, email archives, animation and the rest of it? Everything that your site comprises of is the part of its content. Indigo web design agency London can help you manage this diverse content whilst handling the complexities involved.

The Indigo CMS® - Robust & Reliable

To ensure your online digital is kept up to date, it is imperative for every business to ensure they can update their content easily, quickly and rely on a system which is stable and resilent. This is why Indigo develop Content Management Systems (CMS) which are robust and relaible. Our longest standing Content Management System we developed in 2004 is still in use on a daily basis. Put simply it works!

Our CMS Systems are powerful and scalable solutions which can be build upon in the future without the need to rebuild from the ground up.

Standard CMS System features

Web based interface
Changing content in an Indigo CMS is like typing directly into your web pages. A simple way to update your website quickly.
Indigo toolbar
This toolbar is similar to the Microsoft Office® applications which allow you to control the style of content.
Link in Microsoft® Word, Excel, Powerpoint documents
A much used and loved control to add 'downloadable' items directly to web pages. This can be uploaded directly from your desktop.
Add Adobe PDF documents
Another much loved favourite is this useful tool to add Adobe PDF files directly to your website. Ideal for Corporate brochures & Annual Reports. This can be uploaded directly from your desktop.
Add images to web pages
You can quickly upload images directly from your desktop to your website. It automatically resizes the images to standard website dimensions.
Social Networking integration
Support for all social networking including; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and many more..

CMS - Search Engine Features

If your company is in tune with your position within Search Engines you will appreciate the importance of our SEO features. The Indigo CMS caters for this and allows for you to keep control of this.

Page Title Control
Control individual page titles with a simple WYSIWYG interface. Rename inidividual page titles based on the exact content of that page.
Image Alt Tags
This provides website adminstrators to add/edit alt tags to images on the website
Meta Data Control
The Indigo CMS caters for direct control of the meta data. This includes; meta keyword, description, author and much more.
Simple URLs
The URL string is imperative to SEO. This facility allows you to control the name of the URL and replaces the long and complex URL strings with keyword specific URLs.

CMS - User Permissions / Adminstration

The Indigo CMS understands that organisations have various departments which may need different access rights. Should your organisation have various departments which are responsible for different parts of your website our CMS can cater for this. Some of the features and functionality are detailed below.

User Permissions
Ability to control user rights and permissions across the site. The ability to setup new users, assign user name/passwords and defining permission levels.
Super User Control
A Super User can be assigned to overlook full privileges across your organisation. This user can also deal with administrative issues such as forgotten usernames & passwords.
The Indigo CMS appreciate content for the website sometimes requires approval by various departments or Heads. This functionality allows for a workflow to be setup so only once 'final approval' has been given can the content go live onto the website. Email notification is integrated as a standard feature.
Simple URLs
The URL string is imperative to SEO. This facility allows you to control the name of the URL and replaces the long and complex URL strings with keyword specific URLs.

CMS System Benefits

Indigo hopes that the flexibility of our Indigo CMS can be seen as described above. All our CMS Systems make updating your website a simple process via a robust content management system or CMS.

We have made some very efficient Content Management Systems that are highly customised and can give you following advantages:

  • 100% updated presence for your website
  • Easy to operate, no heavy technical knowledge required
  • Instantly see the changes you have made in real time on your website over the net
  • All of our CMS products are fully scalable in the future via the 'bolt on' factor. Simply add on whatever new functionality you require

Indigo provides you a powerful Content Management System that will enable you to meticulously and flawlessly modify, publish, organise and distribute your website content. Donít miss a trick! Achieve a highly functional and user friendly CMS. If you have any further questions or need us to cut through the jargon, donít hesitate to contact us.