SEO Strategy

We provide a comprehensive range of Search Engine Optimisation services, which are suited to all types of businesses.

According to the latest research by e-consultancy magazine, 80% of an average website’s traffic has been estimated to come from organic search. A sound Search Engine Optimisation strategy is aimed at achieving the highest possible ranking on search engines to get more of this traffic. any clients who have worked with Indigo have generated substantial traffic to their websites. In many occasions this has indeed transformed their businesses and advertising spend. Indigo can provide references wherever required.

Internet users love to search, and most of them are twice as likely to click on an organic search result rather than a pay-per-click ad. During the last fiscal year 2009-2010, businesses in the UK have doubled their investment into search engine optimisation (SEO). Your competitors are investing too, and our London web design agency would like to help you get ahead in the race by joining our results driven.

Our Approach

Our first approach to any new client would be to determine a plan of action, which we at Indigo refer to as the Search Engine Optimisation strategy.

This compromises of the following:

  • Goals - Clearly define your short, medium or long term goals
  • Competitor Analysis - Understand market climate in your specific industry
  • Keyword Analysis - Research keyword popularity and effectiveness
  • Proposal - Put together a SEO Report and Proposal for your company (This will be specific to your company and inline with your company objectives)

Our tried and tested approach has transformed businesses with which Indigo has worked with. It offers your company a strategic advantage over your competitors and Indigo will incorporate the latest range of methods to incorporate link building, article writing and key word enrichment techniques to give your business website a higher ranking on major search engines.

Rest assured all of our methods are ethical in terms of SEO standards and most importantly are measurable. Indigo in the current climate businesses want to see results which are measurable. Indigo will work with you to put together a set of Key Performance Indicators (which are mutally agreed) for which you can assess the progress of your SEO strategy.

As a result of working with Indigo you can expect to see;

  • Higher search engine rankings
  • Measurable results on rankings
  • Return on Investment
  • An significant increase in traffic to your website
  • A balanced organic/pay-per-click advertising model

As a result of this highly strategic process, Indigo provides a level of confidence beyond our competitors. Indigo has a track record of providing successful SEO strategies we can prove what we claim to do. Please to make contact if you would like to work with an passionate SEO company who can deliver.

Should you have any requirements which you would like to discuss, please do contact Indigo on 020 8959 8337 or email us at

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