Running a website requires a little more than a simple server and a bandwidth. Whether you are looking for small business web design or large multinational corporate web design, a continuously running site is the basic requirement for all.

What Indigo Web Design can offer

The web hosting package of Indigo is designed to give you peace of mind, knowing that your site is running uninterrupted (99.9% uptime) at a price you can afford. Our plans give you a flexible infrastructure that can not only accommodate all your application hosting requirements, but also take care of any sudden bandwidth bursts caused mainly by a peak increase in traffic resulting from marketing campaigns.

Indigo’s UK-based servers are firewall protected to give your web site crucial protection whilst not compromising its speed and reliability. Our packages can be extended and customised to include extra features, meaning you can alter a package to meet the criteria of your needs and budget. In addition to this, all hosting plans come with anti-spam and anti-virus for as standard.

What’s the difference?

We know that you will grow with time and so will your website. Therefore the servers provided by Indigo web design company, London offer excellent potential for current and future growth to our clients, especially those who have interactive and support rich media or streaming video.