London Transport Museum launches archived Collections Online - previously unavailable!

London's Transport Museum, part of TfL, required a consultancy to assist in some key areas;

  • a redesigned website to meet with W3C accessibility standards
  • improve the 'look and feel' of their vast Photo Collection & Poster Collection
  • build up the e-commerce ties with external suppliers
  • setup a fully functional Content Management System
  • maintenance of the website

As the Museum was due to close for a period of 18months, commencing September 2005, they required a website which would not only meet accessibility standards but also improve the navigation of the website and include more content.

We developed a new website for the Museum which was fullly accessible. Coupled with this, Indigo worked with the in-house technical team to develop the Photo Collection and Poster Collection online.

Indigo developed an excellent 'one click' style navigaiton and colour coded the sections based on the exclusive London Undergournd colour palette. This allowed for 'easy to remember' sections. The website was developed using the latest web development technologies and was later accredited by W3C. 'Access keys' were used to allow for navigation with only the keyboard. A seperate 'print style sheet' was used to ensure webpages would print correctly on A4 paper.

The work with London's Transport Museum proved to be both an exciting and extremely fulfilling project which has helped the Museum to become a well designed, fully accessible website contesting with other key Museum websites.

We are continually working with the Museum to provide support around their web offerings for their other collections.

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