GSMA launch improved maps service online

GSMA are the thought leaders within the mobile industry. With a membership base to include Vodafone, O2 and the like they provide a valuable collaboration platform between mobile operators within the telecommunication industry.

The coverage maps section of the website was the most demanding and popular area of the site. It was maintained on a manual basis which was both prone to errors and required resource to ensure it was updated correctly. It was developed with a complex set of parameters and technical relationships.The requirement was to improve and enhance the offering and automate and streamline the offering.

Indigo were commissioned to improve the offering and provide cutting edge functionality to better serve the membership base of Mobile Operators. This was indeed a challenging task which required Indigo to carefully absorb the complexities and supplier relationships. Indigo approached the project in a pragmatic and professional manner. The solution needed to be full prove and integrate with internal systems and adopt an automated updating process.

Indigo achieved the desired result and delivered a solution that proved successful to serve the GSMA community. The improvements were well received and allowed for more frequent updates and overcame the main challenges associated with existing setup. GSMA continue to work with Indigo on a variety of other projects.